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Summer Night with Mine <3

I can’t guarantee that this was the oh-so-ideal-date with my boyfriend. Nor this post will end how you’d think I’d end it with. But we’ll see..

So we were supposed to go out of town for the weekend but figured that we’d rather do something local and save our out of town trip in the next month or so. And I was tasked to plan the whole day and surprise him.

First stop: Angels Knoll, where they shot some scenes of 500 Days of Summer.

Took the Angels Flight (landmark railway). It’s 50 cents one way and a must try if you’re a local or if one of your friends is visiting from out of town.

Stepped out into the California Plaza and admired the skyscrapers.

And of course, we had to take a photo sitting on the bench where Tom and Summer sat in the movie.

We then went to Chinatown for their Summer Nights (part food event, part summer party). Yesterday was themed “Earth” and two more dates are scheduled next month for “Water” and “Fire”.

Decided to be there earlier to beat the crowd. They had cooking demos, food trucks, various vendors, and also a stage for performance later that night. They also had a family space where they had free painting lessons, did face painting, and even gave Chinese calligraphy for free! Here’s what I had done:

It means: Rob and Ghe <3

Saw this cute piano where “Play with me, I’m yours” was painted on. Of course, I had to play at least one song to entertain the crowd. ^_^

We then took the train to Pasadena for the 626 Night Market.

So I checked my phone for photos and I didn’t have any photos of the night market. Then I remembered (1) We were both hungry and tired so we went to the food vendors right away (2) I was saving my phone battery (3) It was getting crowded and I wanted just to look at the vendors really quick and the other things that were happening and then leave. Bumped into Harlem Lee which was a treat and also saw API Equality LA’s booth. Awesome!!

Oh wait, I have this one random photo of an installation near the market:

We stopped by Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena since my good friend and chef Alfred works there. Had a couple of glasses of wine and this yummy Molten Chocolate cake. Thanks for the treat Alfred!! I owe you. =)

Stopped by LIVE MiXX Lounge to greet Birthday boy Deekee a Happy Birthday. Saw some friends and it was nice to catch up for a bit.

See, I said this wasn’t your oh-so-typical-date. It wasn’t perfect. Mine wasn’t dressed for the heat and the walk (we hella walked). It wasn’t his thing (it was a bit crowded). And I had one drink too many. I think it was the train back home and the drive which got me all dizzy.

But the thing is, I wouldn’t take this day back. It might not be one of our high’s but every moment I spend with this guy, I’m happy. And as we continue to learn a thing or two from the other, the more we can honestly say that this is what we want. Ultimately, I had an amazing weekend with my boyfriend. And I can’t wait to spend many more summer nights with him.

Our take on 500 Days of Summer at Angels Knoll with Mine.

Our take on 500 Days of Summer at Angels Knoll with Mine.